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September 15, 2011

25 Free Crochet Blanket Patterns

I love blankets. Some of my favorite blankets have been big crocheted throws that were given to me as baby gifts. I treasure them.  They remind me of the friends and family that spent the time to make them for us. They consist of all sorts of different designs and shapes and each are unique in their own way. I have spotted a few mistakes here and there.Some are completely misshapen but that actually makes me love the blanket more. 

I go in and out of my crocheting modes. The blankets are the toughest for me to finish because of how repetitive it is but, in the end, it is TOTALLY worth the monotony!  When you've chosen your colors well and the pattern is easy to remember, it is always worth it.   Her are 25 of my favorite favorite patterns so far!  They are a good mix of techniques.  Some are lacy, some chevron, some granny, some with ribbon holes.  Enjoy!  I have made #4 and #18 and #19.  I'm plannin on trying #7 next.  Happy hooking!

1.Chevy Baby  2.Circular Ripple  3.Granny Square Throw  4.Hexagon How-To  5.Snuggle for Baby  6.Straight Granny Blanket  7.Zig Zag Blanket   8.Bright Granny Square  9.All Season Baby Throw 10.African Flower and how to join them together  11.Yoyo Scrap Blanket  12.Climbing Shells 
13.Shell Clusters  14. Simple Ripple  15.Ruffles Blanket  16.Tiramisu  17.Star  18.Hailey   20.Wavy Blanket  21.Granny Stripes  22.Lacy Square  23.Neat Ripple  24.Flowers in a Row  25.Sunny Spread 


Laura said...

I love this list! It's brilliant. Thanks for collecting them together. xx

Tammy said...

Great blankets! Where is #19 though?

Rosalia Velis said...

Was looking forward to #19... said...

Five is my favorite, but maybe I'm biased because of the adorable baby :)

jeja go said...

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